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Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC)

community parent resource center
What do I need to know about Special Education?
What is an IEP?
Things don’t seem right, can I call another meeting?

These and many other questions can be answered by FIRST staff. FIRST has been funded as a Community Parent Resource Center by US Department of Education, Office of Special Education, Grant # H328C120023 offering free parent training related to educational issues and rights under IDEA and Section 504. We have provided over 9000 individual assistance to families and professionals since being funded in 2003.

Services include:

  • Information about the special education process and parents' rights
  • Community and online trainings (Advocacy Training and Making Your Case)
  • Up-to-date disability information
  • Staff is available to provide information and resources in English and Spanish, assist the family with problem-solving strategies, and direct callers to other community resources by telephone, email, or call for a personal appointment. Staff can also attend IEP meetings but this service is limited due to funding and schedules.
  • Inclusion resources that show how students can be successfully included in general education classrooms
  • Referral to medical, educational, community services, and support groups

Links to NC State and forms:

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